About Me

Hi, my name is Patric (without a "k") Perez. I specialize in the art of movement and making it look good. You might be saying to yourself, "Is this guy Patric a dancer?" I would then say to you, "On the contrary my friend." Even though I do in fact have some pretty slick dance moves, I'm talking about 3D animation.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Houston in 2009, I immediately got into the oil and gas industry by providing 3d animations for an array of clients. Here we are, years later and Iím still doing it and I still love it! Iíve been lucky enough in my career to collaborate with some very talented artists to create award-winning work over the years. With that said, Iím also capable of doing the same thing on my own. Iíve worked in all facets of the animation production pipeline and I enjoy it all. I'm passionate about bringing concepts to life and using visual storytelling to explain new and existing technologies.

Maybe it's just me but I feel like I've been talking about myself this whole time and I hardly know anything about you. What's your name? What are you hobbies? What's your favorite Barry Manilow song? If you'd like to answer these questions, inquire about a potential project, or just want to chat in general, send me a message at pperez@patricperez.com.

Have a great day!